Rest In Peace [The Recipe Remix]

by Native Souls

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"Rest In Peace" performed by Native Souls
Shouts to Kendrick & Dre


Close your eyes, and imagine a grand and oversized,
All the lights be flashing
Take a ride in my whip, let me hit that strip
Freestyle when I improvise
I'm gone, gone, gone, gone
Rose from the concrete
She'd do no wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong
Got love for my city and the homies that I came up with
Start from the get-go,
Phat Farm, Sean John, and some Ecko
Let go living in the past of the ghetto
Got a new girl and I make her falsetto
I come from a land where the angels fly high
No short of the bulletcase in a drive by
I block out the haters who saying "don't try"
They saying don't try? I never do lie
It comes from the heart and I'm telling you why
Something about it, area clouded
Pass me the mic and I'll leave 'em astounded
Native Souls, let the music take control
and I gotta get it, set it, got it, now I'll take you home
Okay, now

I'ma show you how I live
Don't know what you in for
Got that Cali sunset by the crib
Living is simple
Got that bomb trees on palm trees
And I'm maxing out by calm seas
Then I take a ride to Long Beach
You know I got that good in arms reach
So don't stop, get it get it
Keys to the whip and the wifey with it
Throw it down for my city
One time! Who with me?
Testing the best of me, ayy
Recipe, rest in peace, ayy
What more can I say?
Welcome to LA

Hypnotized and I started looking in your mind,
Distorted with lies, images in proportions
More dangerous than ignoring
Native Souls on the map and we on track
Flip it back to the 90’s gold rap
Switchin styles in a trial in an old fa-shion
This is my redemption for laughs
I’m joking, silly but spoken, better dope rhymes
And that’s just fact
Spitting from Cali with that Cash
Rules Everything Around Me fast
You best Protect Ya Neck, I will disconnect
A sickness you can’t disinfect,
This the best, it can’t get better:
Women, weed, weather
Are the recipe for my mind to rest in peace
I’m very inclined to take this heat with a little ganja
I came, I saw, I conquered
No longer improvised so I’m plotting schemes
Strategies with a new routine
Dictator of the newest regime
Blitzkrieg in a snitch if you need to please
Calm down, profound, two asiatics who can astound
With an ounce of bud it won’t amount to much
Till I turn tables round and round
Rotate that thing, locate that piece
I'ma make you go up and down
I'ma make you go, “bump that loud”
Chilling with a Mary-Go-Round


released November 24, 2012
Prod. by Scoop Deville



all rights reserved


Native Souls Fullerton, California

Junoflo & Apaullo are Native Souls
Two lyrical emcees delivering hip hop from the soul.


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